My brief two part wash day regimen!

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I have two different wash day regimens; one is a co-wash using conditioner in place of shampoo the other is with shampoo. I like wash my hair every week (shampooing once a month) lately I have only had time to wash my hair every two weeks.

On shampoo days I like to do pre-condition and oil my scalp before I shampoo, yes this sounds a little backwards however I have high density hair and tend to style with heavy cream base products and pre-poo (poo – meaning washing before shampooing) helps get rid of dandruff and excess buildup.

Next I like to stimulate my scalp by using a Scalp Invigilator to help cleanse and exfoliate promote circulation to keep my scalp. I also to use the ‘Wash Rule’ simply shampoo and rinse three times.

I like to clarify my hair about every other month or when I feel my hair needs and extra cleansing. As a rinse I mix a half cup Apple Cider Vinegar with and one cup of water.

On co-wash days I like to use a cream conditioner, the process is smiler to the shampooing. I just simply wash my hair with conditioner instead of shampoo. When co-washing I usually do a wash and rinse twice the since its weekly, I have found that my hair feels more hydrated after I co-washing.

With every way I use my Scalp Invigilator it’s like getting a scalp massage every week.

😀 Comment below:

What is your wash-day regimen?

Do you want more info on my full wash day regiment?

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