Being Natural…

Being Natural copy

I absolutely love being natural, going natural was the best decision I ever made. Let’s be honest it’s so not easy, there are days when I just don’t feel like washing my hair or even going to my 6:00am hair appointment but I do why yes Because I LOVE BEING NATURAL!!!   This is a positive blog post that focus completely on my I love of Being Natural & what Being Natural means to me….

Being Natural is about being completely free and uninhibited.

Being Natural… I now see my beauty in a whole new way.

Being Natural is allows me to be uniquely me.

Being Natural is liberating.

Being Natural gives me the opportunity to be uninhibited in my style.

Being Natural inspired me to be healthy, mind, body & sprit.

Being Natural sets me apart and allows me to be original.

Being Natural gives me courage to be uniquely me. “My hair represents the courage”.

Being Natural offers endless style possibilities from a ‘Wash’n Go’ to ‘Long Silky Weave or Wig’

Being Natural…. I love my texture God created me like this and I rock it with class…

Being Natural… I love the versatility…

It’s funny I receive compliments every day, and without fail at least one negative statement, even with the negative statements I LOVE BEING NATURAL!!!! 

🙂 Tell me why you like most about Being Natural 😀

4 thoughts on “Being Natural…

  1. Karyn Lee-Garcia says:

    Hi Aleka! Great post. I love being natural as it represents how I like to treat my body from the inside out. This is not a fad for me but an opportunity to show a holistic, healthy lifestyle to my peers and community. Also, it allows me to dothe one thing I love the most…swim in the ocean with no worries of my hair falling out (that’s happened)!!

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  2. Shauntee says:

    I love being natural because it shows my son that I’m embracing and loving every part of myself including the parts that aren’t always easy to love.

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