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I’m back with a new post 😀 I have had a goal of waist length hair awhile now (like four years) yet have a tendency to get lazy with my regimen or cut my hair in an effort to feel in control (a topic ill will talk about later FEAR). I now feel that I am really ready to DO THE WORK and put in the effort to reach my goal. To really do this I needed some inspiration so I thought id share with you some of my fav ladies in the natural hair community.

Hair Goals with Donedo &  CharyJay  I choose them because I believe my hair is similar to theirs and love how consist they seem to be!

Fist up  Donedo, I have only been following  her for just about a year now and I just love her style. I am still afraid of color however Donedo has me really thinking about it. Not to mention as a visual artist I admire her images are always on point!

Donedo 1 Donedo -2Photos From:

I have been following CharyJay since I moved to Michigan her styles are simple,  flawless and this new color looks great on her. I enjoy watching her YouTube Videos  for Quick & Easy Protective Style (Up-dos). She has truly been an inspiration for me and my plan is to use some of her videos to help me reach my goal or at least keep my hair looking good. 😀

CharyJay - 1 CharyJay -2Photo Credit:

Oh and I had the opportunity to me CharyJay at  at Naturally Flyy Detroit she was soo nice!  10253996_10153366347227597_7412465172646947143_n

Now these next to ladies I have complete hair envy for as previously stated my ultimate goal is waist length hair and boy have they achieved that… EClark & Naptural85.

EClark I don’t even have words… do you see her twist they are like perfect and lets talk about how real shrink. The second image show before and after hair. I just look and her page for hope that I will some day get to where hair is.

EClark 1 10447632_741451259238213_3376730984200088291_nPhotos from

I had to save my favorite for last Naptural85 I can’t say enough of how much of a fan girl I am for Whitney.  I have been following her YouTube channel since the beginning of her hair journey. She has been so much fun to watch and sooooo inspiring, one of things I like about her YouTube channel is that she is constantly updating her regimen, and showing her subscribers how she has grown and changed.

Naptural85_012112_05whitney-white-profilepic_grandePhotos from

  • Do you have any hair goals? (Length, Growth, just to to constant, tell me about them)
  • Who are are favorite hair bloggers, vloggers, hair crushes etc? 



3 thoughts on “Hair Envy / Goals

  1. naturacurls says:

    My goal is to reach between shoulder and armpit length (I’m currently at shoulder length) by September, and to get rid of my heat damage, which is only a little really at the top of my head and be fully natural by the end of summer, which is I believe late September. By then I’d like to do a nice trim and give my hair some shape as well for a fresh start.. 🙂 As for vloggers, my absolute fave is Naptural85, along with Naturalme4c, MyNaturalSistas, and Taren Guy. I know this comment is long, lol. xD

    Liked by 1 person

    • naturallyact says:

      Thanks so much for your comment the longer the better 🙂
      I love your goal, getting rid of heat damage is a great start… I want to see your progress be sure to share again in September!!! I agree Naptural85, MyNaturalSistas, and Taren Guy so good Ill be sure to look up Naturalme4c!!!!

      Thanks again for stopping by hope to hear from you again soon!!!


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