Curlformers on Natural 4B/4CHair

I like to use Curlformers to stretch my hair without using heat. (I do on rare occasion use minimum heat with my blow-dryer.) When I first used Curlformers the application/installation was a little challenging however once i got the first few in, it was pretty easy.


At my workshop Curly Conversation I talked about why its necessary  to do your research before purchasing any products or tools don’t just go with one persons review. One of the reasons I say that is because you don’t want to waist your money on a product/tool that is difficulty to use and or is not for you. With that said I personally believe that Curlformers can work on all hair types. 

The price ranges from $50.00 – $80.00 depending on type of curl and length. Although they are a bit price for rollers, in my opinion they have been well worth the investment considering I’m not good at using flexi rods.  (I personally have a hard time getting to roots when using flexi rods compared to when I use curlformers.) Sleeping in Curlformers vs flexi rods can be uncomfortable for some, however for me it’s not too bad (yes I sleep in them).


Types of Curlformers  Curlformers

Curlformers can be used on just about all hair lengths including short natural hair. Be sure to consider the length of your hair once you’re ready to purchase. Curlformers come in multiple sizes including: Short & Wide: for typical curls on shorter hair. Short & Narrow: for ringlet curls on shorter hair. Long & Wide: for typical curls on up to shoulder length hair. Long & Narrow: for ringlet curls on up to shoulder length hair. Extra Long & Wide: for typical curls on longer than shoulder length hair. (Image Courtesy of Pinterest)



NaturallyACT_1828 copy

Curlformers have been an great way for me to stretch my type 4 hair, I usually have a difficult time getting my roots with other rollers however with Curlformers I have not at that problem. There are many tutorials on Youtube that teach to twist your hair at the root before applying Curlformers. I have applied them both ways have not really noticed a major difference it’s all about personal preference.




Once all that is completed I go over each section using my denman brush and apply SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Frizz-Free Curl Mousse then apply the Curlformer.

I do sleep on my Curlformers with on problem however you may find that to be uncomfortable do the tightness on your roots. If you don’t want to sleep with the Curlformers I recommend sitting under a hooded dryer or put them in the beginning of your day and don’t leave the house (unless you want to look odd in public) this is a good time to do some deep cleaning, catch up on the book or TV show.


MY results


I love love love my end results, my curls usually last about four days then I do a dry twist-out. The fact that I can get multiple styles out this makes me so happy. This is my absolute favorite stretched hairstye without heat or using low heat dryer.


  • Have you tried Curlformers? (if so how do you like the results.)
  • What do you use to get heat-less curls?
  • Have you wanted to try Curlformers but reluctant do its price?
  • Do you want to see a YouTube video on this subject?

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