CurlBox Body Review


If you don’t already know how I feel about this curlBOX movement, Then I don’t know where you have been LOL 😀

I am such a fan of the curlbox line created my  Myleik Teele.  I have been inspired by Myleik’s raw uncut, tell it like she see it personality, her drive, business sense, passion, companies, book recommendations and podcast are top-notch.  

When I learned that curlBOX was releasing a body vision non-subscription to the original curlBOX monthly subscription of hair products I was soooo excited. The first two boxes didn’t disappoint (well almost)! curlBOX body volume I  included Carol’s Daughter Almond Cookie line not bad I just didn’t enjoy the sent, however it made a great gift.  Below you will find a list of curlBOX body volume I  through volume III


curlBOX body volume I  had six full-size items that included (not all pictured): 

  • Carol’s Daughter Almond Cookie Sulfate-Free Cleansing Gel
  • Carol’s Daughter Almond Cookie Dry Oil Body Spray
  • Carol’s Daughter Almond Cookie Shea Souffle
  • OGX Miracle In-Shower Oil
  • Secret Clinical Strength Clear Gel
  • Harlem Soap (Patchouli & Lavender) * MY FAVORITE ITEM in this box.  



curlBOX Body Volume II included five full-sized items and a duel sample pack.

  • Olay Moisture Outlast Ultra Moisture Bar
  • Shea Moisture Superfruit Complex Hand & Body Scrub
    • w/ Body Wash & Lotion sample
  • Palmer’s Eventone Sun Care Collection: 
    • Moisturizing Sunscreen for Face
    • Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion
    • Moisturizing Sunscreen Balm 


There are so many benefits to box subscriptions like curlBox Body. These boxes allow the opportunity to try a variety of beauty products at a great cost. *CurlBox body  is NOT a monthly  subscription box  as of yet

……  AND now this is the third installment of curlBOX body: 


curlBOX BodyVolume III November 2015:  Site description: 

Dropping temperatures mean more layers, ESPECIALLY for your skin. Lucky for you, volume III of curlBOX Body is stocked with everything you need to keep skin smooth, supple, and infuse with MAX moisture all winter long. This is NOT a subscription box (YET).

I couldn’t agree more the dry harsh midwest weather requires lots of moisture. Ever since I received the Harlem Soap (Patchouli & Lavender) in the first curlBOX body, I have been enjoying using natural soap bars in place of body wash. I was really looking forward to trying the two soap bars that came in volume III.



Jolie Bloom Royal Oats Shower Bar  ($10.00) has real oats in it and I just love that,  however the scent was a little overwhelming.  After visiting Jolie Bloom site I decided to get the WAKE UP: Coffee And Cane Sugar Scrub, Ill let you know what I think on a later blog.  





TGIN Natural Soap Olive Oil with Shea Butter + Olive Oil (Sugar Pear) $4.99  is a winner for me.  The soap feels great on my skin and the smell is just right. I have been looking forward to trying some TGIN products for a while and was super excited to see the soap in my box.  





I have not used the Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream ($26.00 for 2-oz jar). I  yet I have heard mostly good things. I’ll be sure to keep you posted!





I am pleasantly pleased with Cantu Softening Body Butter ($9.99), I must admit I’m not a big fan of the Cantu hair-line however the body butter is great, I  really like the texture and soft sent.





The Shea Yeleen Shea Butter Cream – Vanilla Almond ($14.25) feels good on my skin however the sample was not enough ill have to purchase a full size to give it a real review.





I’m not a fan of OGX Nourishing Coconut Oil Weightless Oil Body Mist ($6.99 ) I don’t have anything bad to say its just not a product I liked using. I prefer to used a mix of Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E and Essential Oils. That being said I really like Bolden Shea Oil I found the mint sent to help give me a boosts energy.




The Bolden Shea Oil – Butter Mint ($29.50) this oil is amazing the small is a great pick me up in the mornings.




Hope you enjoyed this review, overall I have been pleased with my curlBOX body products. I enjoy being exposed to companies/products I never head of. The best part is being able to try out some items on my list. See below for more information on the products mentioned:

All opinions regarding these products are my own. All products mentioned in this blog post were purchased as part of a non-monthly subscription in which I purchased. This is not a paid nor sponsored post. For additional information on how to get curlBOX visit:

  • Have you used any of the products mentioned? If so how do you like them?
  • Which product would you like to try?
  • What are your favorite subscription box companies?

Until Next Time 😀 Be Sure to Connect: @naturallyact 
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~Naturally ACT (Aleka)




Disclaimer: All suggestions, techniques and advice given are for informational purposes only and should be used at your discretion and best judgment. I highly recommend conducting strand tests when trying or using new products, hair appliances and any product. I am not responsible or liable for adverse or undesirable affects including hair loss, hair breakage or other hair/scalp/skin/body damage as a direct or indirect result of the suggestions, tips, techniques and/or advice given.

 I am not representing, being paid by, or endorsing any of the product brands in this email, blog, video, document and so on. I purchased everything with my own money – UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED. There are links to products that might be helpful based on the content of this email, blog, video, document and so on. | Aleka C. Thrash is not responsible for hair damage and or loss as a result of reading this email, blog, video, document and so on. Please use all suggested techniques and or products at your own risk.


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