7th Annual Meeting & LocalMotion Awards – Thank You!

youtube-thumbnaleI am still in awe! What an honor and privilege to be selected as one of 9-winners at the 7th Annual Meeting & LocalMotion Awards from a pool of 50 nominees. This is a HUGE deal of me. Prayer, Patience, Persistence and Partnering with Purpose are my 2017 goals.

I am so thankful that Local First West Michigan recognizes small businesses like mine and provide a wonderful network and community for locals to connect in. Shout out to my mentor, Pastor Veverly Austin for the push and helping me step out of my comfort zone. My friend Michelle for always being willing to volunteering and help at my events. My editor Corinthia (as a writer its necessary to have an extra set of eyes reading your work) thank you for the late night editing sessions. To all my Naturally ACT & ACTPhotoMedia community Thank you for trusting me with your hair and allowing me to capture some of your most precious moments.

To my brother Branden who took an eight-hour trip just to support me for my nomination, not knowing if I would win. Most of all my AMAZING Mother Alyce for always telling me I can do ANYTHING I put my mind to; Thank you listening to your doctor and not coming, you are always my biggest cheerleader. I love you so much!!


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November CurlMix Ambassador

Have you heard the Exciting News?

img_7594I have been given the amazing opportunity to be a #CurlMixAmbassador!!! CurlMix is the DIY Box for Curly Hair. CurlMix sends you all the natural ingredients needed to make your own hair products at home. As a CurlMix Ambassador, during the month of November it is my pleasure to offer you a FREE sample of the Brown Sugar Hair & Body Butter from CurlMix when you enter my code “naturallyact” with your purchase over $20.00. You must add the, “Sample”, to the cart and an additional item from the store.



I suggest trying the Coconut Honey Deep Conditioner with your free Brown Sugar Hair & Body Butter. “This deep conditioner revives curls and adds incredible moisture to your hair. The Rhassoul clay not only cleanses the hair by extracting impurities, but it conditions by adding moisture. The raw honey is a humectant that draws moisture from the air into your hair, while the organic coconut cream restores and replenishes”. It is a CurlMixer favorite! 




Note: The Discount Code, “naturallyact“, is only applicable to shop orders, not for subscriptions, and you will only be able to redeem it once. You must add the product and sample to the cart and enter my code, “naturallyact“, redeem the discount.





When you get your CurMix box & sample share it on my Facebook Page Naturally ACT and in the Group Naturally ACT Community. #CurlMix #DIYCurls #NaturallyACT and tell me what you think!

✨  XOXO ✨




  • Have you ever heard of CurlMix  ?
    • If yes tell me what you think and what your favorite box?
  • Be sure to try them for yourself and share you experience.
    • Don’t forget to use my Coupon Code is: NaturallyACT
  • Let me know what you all think of this post!

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CurlBOX Natural September 2016 | Unboxing & Review | Uncle Funky’s Daughter

15137516_10209675419260527_7106585025085094161_oWhen I opened this edition of curlBOX Natural I was overjoyed to see products from Uncle Funky’s Daughter. I have wanted to try Uncle Funky’s Daughter for years now; however, the brand seemed to almost disappear from the market due to the owners thinking of dissolving the company completely. However, in 2014 Renee Morris acquired the brand and began the work to revamp and revitalize the company and, boy, did she. You can learn more about that by reading her article at www.naturallycurly.com


mag_coverThis instalment of CurlBox Natural “Find Your Vive box was loaded with a host of versatile stylers from Uncle Funky’s Daughter, these products just right for refreshing or maintaining a hairstyle and adds that wow factor to 3 or 4 day hair. I found myself using the Thirsty Curls Leave-in Curl Revitalizer often. My hair was on point and just in time for fall trends.


sep_1_lgMidnite Train Leave-in Conditioner

A lightweight spray that penetrates strands making hair soft and adds strength. The mixture of nourishing oils and extracts including aloe, olive, rosemary and honey. (4-Stars)


sep_2_lgSupercurl Miracle Moisture Creme

First, this creamy styler smells amazing due to the goodies like caramel, and honey. My kinky textured, tight curls felt super moisturized and the twist-out was on the next level and my curls were elongated. (5-Stars)

sep_3_lgThirsty Curls Leave-in Curl Revitalizer

Sometimes products can weigh your down; however, this lightweight spray includes an organic blend of extracts of nettle, comfrey, chamomile, calendula, sage, rosemary leaf and horsetail. Making the hair refreshed and hydrated. (5-Stars)


sep_4_lgGlossy Finishing Hair Polish

If you are looking for that extra shine without that oily feel or weighed down curl then this is your new go to. The spray is infused with eight yes eight different oils that add shine to twist outs, braid outs etc. (3-Stars)


sep_5_lgCurly Magic Curl Stimulator– I love how this product help cut the frizz, added moisture and help keep my curls elongates. This sample was just right can’t wait to get the full-size bottle for my arsenal! (4-Stars)



Visit www.UncleCunkysDaughter.com to check out all of their products.


  • Have you heard of or used Uncle Funky’s Daughter products before? If yes, how do you like them?
  • Would you like to try Uncle Funky’s Daughter products ?
  • How did you style your hair with these products?



2nd Annual Kinky Hair Connection

Della Marie Levi of Rock Candy Earrings & Things By Della Marie and Aleka C. Thrash of Naturally ACT Present the 2nd Annual Kinky Hair Connection.


Event Features:Music, Workshops, Giveaways, Refreshments, Local Vendors, Panel Discussion, Special Guests, and so much more. Join us for a #NaturallyFabulous time!!! 

Our Purpose: To connect, support, and encourage naturals, as well as those considering and transitioning, by helping them embrace, who they were born to be. 

NOTE: All who register online will be entered into a contest to win a cash prize. Online ticket sales end Friday, November 11, 2016 at 12:00 PM. Tickets will be available at the door for $18.00 Adult Admission and $12.00Child Admission (ages 5 – 15). 

What Is A Natural Hair Meet Up: A natural hair meet up is a place where those, who have chosen styles that highlight their natural, unadulterated hair texture, gather to provide each other with support, resources and encouragement along the journey to embrace who they were born to be. It is also for people, who are considering returning to their natural hair texture and those, who want to know more about kinky, coily, loc’d or curly hair and how to care for it.

Click Link to Register:www.KinkyHairConnectionGR.eventbrite.com

Check Out Highlights from Last Year: www.KinkyHairConnectionGR.com/eventhighlights/

To Learn More About The Event Hosts:www.KinkyHairConnectionGR.com/cofounders/

For inquiries or questions email us at: KinkyHairConnectionGR@gmail.com

Kinky Hair Connection Welcome Poster 12x18

How I maintained my Flat Ironed Type 4 Natural Hair

IMG_1351 (1)I don’t flat-iron my hair often, usually only once a year, mainly because I like the texture of my hair when it’s not straighten. A few benefits of flat-ironing is being able to see the ‘true length’ of your hair. Straightening your hair can also add versatility in your styling routine.

A few disadvantages of flat-ironing natural hair is that it may not revert back to your curls or kinky/coily hair as quickly. Also, it may be hard to maintain straighten hair during working-outs or when it rains. As a result, many naturals find that their flat ironed hair only lasts for a very short time. Here are a few ways I kept my type 4 hair straight for two weeks, now I could have kept it straight longer; however, I just wanted my kinky/coily hair back.

First Things First – Go To A Professional

Salon Visit

Yes! I suggest getting your hair done by a licensed professional. Many naturals are comfortable with doing there own hair; however, I believe it’s best in these circumstances. The concern with going to a professional is trust, especially with all the articles about salons and stylist sneaking relaxers in on clients shampoo. However, the results of having your hair flat-ironed by a professional will be a lot better.

Now if you are having a hard time finding a stylist you trust, or cannot afford to go to a salon. I suggest investing in a good professional flat iron, make sure it has heat control settings.

Preserving Your Flat-Ironed Hair

Some naturals like to wrap their to there hair; however, when I do this I found that my hair has no bounce it just lays flat. Personally, I do not enjoy when my hair just lays flat. To keep my hair straight with a added curls and no heat, I use flexirods and curlformers. I love how using these tools help keep my hair straight with some bounce, while adding loose waves for a full look.

Curlformers PicturedCurlformers

Flexirods Pictured Flexirods

Minimal Product Use

Kinky/coily type 4 hair requires lots and lots of moisture, I tend to use creams, butters, steam and oil. When my hair is straight using butters weighs it down and creams make it revert back to kinky/coils. In place of heavy products, I like to use light oils light oils such as grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, or sweet almond oil. I lightly coat my hands with oil and apply to my hair daily. Doing this helps prevent dryness without weighing the hair down my hair.

Flexirods Pictured Flexirods_2

Another important factor to maintaining straight hair for an extended period of time is how you protect your hair when you sleep. Be sure to keep your hair protected while you sleep, use a satin/silk bonnet t or sleep on a satin/silk pillowcase.

Rain & Steam/Humidity

When my hair is in its natural state, I don’t worry about rain and humidity. The day I had my hair straightened it rain and rain. I kept a disposable shower cap in my bag and my umbrella to avoid the rain.  I usually don’t wear a shower cap; however, with straight hair is necessary.

Perserve With Ponytal

Working Out

Doing low intensity workouts will help minimize sweating be sure to use a sweatband during workouts. Sweatbands are a great way to keep your edges flat be sure your hair is completely dry before removing, if needed you can use handheld blow dryer on low cool-heat to make the process faster.

If you really want to get the most out of your flat-ironed, hair I suggest not to hang out at the pool or to the beach. If you do be sure to pin your hair up this will help extend the quality for your straighten hair.

Straight w Curls

Additional Info and suggestion :

I suggest using a Dri Sweat Edge Women’s Headband or Save Your Do Black GymWrap while working out to make your hair last. I don’t suggest strengthening your hair in the middle of summer when it’s most humid outside also when it’s hot you may be prone to sweat.


  • How often to you straighten your hair?
  • How do you style your hair when its straight?
  • What products work best for you when your hair is straight?
  • Have you tried any of these suggestions? If yes how did they work for you?





curlBOX Natural March 2016 | Unboxing & Review | Mielle Organics

IMG_0720If you have been following my blog for any amount of time, you know how much I love getting curlBOX Natural. If you are new to my blog then you can learn more about curlBox by visiting: www.curlbox.com. You can also check out my other subscription reviews including curlBox Body , curlBox Natural – Eden Body Works, and curlBox Natural – The Mane Choice.


curlbox_natural2It’s important to have a good regimen when you want ‘stuntworthy’ hair. This curlBOX Natural Volume XII delivers just that with a complete growth regimen from Mielle Organics. It was loaded with all-natural ingredients known to deliver including the vitamins needed to stimulate growth, cleansing and styling products to retain the length and strengthen hair. This box is so necessary to helping you reach those #HairGrowthGoals by building a regimen from Mielle Organics.

curlBOX Natural is a non-subscription hair beauty box ($40.00). 



The March 2016 box breakdown  

  • Healthy Hair Formula Vitamins ($18.99) 
  • Detangling Co-Wash ($13.99) 
  • Moisturizing Avocado Hair Milk ($15.99) 
  • Mint Almond Oil ($13.99)





Mielle Organics Healthy Hair Formula Vitamins ($18.99)

Mielle Organics Healthy Hair Formula VitaminsVitamins are a critical factor in supporting hair growth internally. These pills include: Vitamin B1 & 2, Niacin (Vitamin B3), Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin, Biotin, Copper, Folic Acid, MSM, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, and Zinc. That promote healthier, stronger, longer, thicker hair. I have not tried the Vitamins yet due to currently taking a multivitamin. Once I have completed this dosage I’ll give these a try. *Photo Credit: curlBox.com/box-breakdown

Mielle Organics Detangling Co-Wash ($13.99)

Mielle Organics Detangling Co-WashAs a natural in the 4C category, it’s imperative to find a good detangler. One that not only makes it easy to use but actually works. This is good stuff, it’s a little lighter than I’d prefer. I tend to like my cream cleanser to be super think. My other detangler is awesome; however, this detangling co-wash is good. I love the fact that this is created to be used during the wash process, and helps prevent knots and tangles. (4-Stars) *Photo Credit: curlBox.com/box-breakdown

Mielle Organics Moisturizing Avocado Hair Milk ($15.99)

Mielle Organics Moisturizing Avocado Hair MilkMy hair tends to be dry so I like to use a mix of creams and butters to lock in moisture. Avocado is known to add hydration and moisture to dry, thirsty hair and that’s just what this product did. I used the milk as a style refresher and my hair felt extremely hydrated and moisturized. (4-Stars) *Photo Credit: curlBox.com/box-breakdown

Mielle Organics Mint Almond Oil  ($13.99)

Mielle Organics Mint Almond OilI was skeptical of this oil only because I have a nut allergy. However, I tested on the back of my hand and didn’t break into hives. I really like this Mint Almond oil, it may be a little strong for some; however, I found the oil to be very refreshing. I used it with my scalp invigorator and my scalp felt so good, well stimulated and worked a sealant for my strands. My scalp never felt dry. (4-Stars) *Photo Credit: curlBox.com/box-breakdown


I purchased the March 2016 curlBox Natural for $40 included shipping. According to www.MielleOrganics.com the total value  is approximately $62.96.

MielleO_NaturallyACT-w Product


  • Have you used Mielle Organics products before? if so how do you like them?
  • Would you like try Mielle Organics products ?
  • How did you style your hair with the products?



COVERGIRL® Queen Collection (Influenster Review)

NaturallyACT.comLet me tell you, when I found out I was getting the COVERGIRL® Queen Collection from Influenster, I was beyond excited! Getting the opportunity to try makeup for free, who could say no to that?

The box included three full side products from the COVERGIRL Queen Collection. COVERGIRL Queen False Lash Drama Mascara, COVERGIRL Queen Stay Luscious Lipstick and COVERGIRL Queen Natural Hue Liquid Makeup

COVERGIRL Queen False Lash Drama MascaraVery Black Q200 ($6.74)

Mascara_NaturallyACT.comDescription: Get the dramatic effect of false lashes without the drama of applying them. Queen Collection False Lash Drama Mascara features a transformative double-sided brush that brings even your smallest lashes to life.  Overview: ~Surprisingly dramatic false lash effect. ~ Innovative brush shape for volumizing and separating. Available in regular and waterproof formulas. ~Ophthalmologically tested.



Review: The Lash Drama Mascara is totally a winner!! My lashes look longer and thicker. I totally recommend this product for someone!! I’m really looking forward to trying more products of the Cover Girl Queen collection.


COVERGIRL Queen Stay Luscious LipstickJubilee Q730 ($7.99)

Lipstick_NaturallyACT.comDescription: Finally! A lipstick that lasts all day and doesn’t dry out your lips. Queen Collection Stay Luscious Lipstick has a waterproof formula that locks in color and moisture for an unrivalled, all day effect. With a lip color palette this stunning you’ll want to try all 10 luscious shades!  Overview: ~Waterproof lipstick formula that locks in color. ~ Leaves lips moisturized all day. ~Comes in 10 long lasting shades.



Review: This color is everything just the right amount of bold!!! Super-soft lipstick that goes on smooth. My lips felt moisturize all day. The best part is it smells so good, like a fruity candy… Will definitely be trying the other colors!!!


COVERGIRL Queen Natural Hue Liquid Makeup Rich Mink Q75 ($7.74)

Makeup_NaturallyACT.comDescription: Makeup for dark skin, made to match you. Lightweight, oil-free, liquid formula with built-in moisturizers continuously hydrates skin for a soft, smooth, radiant finish. In 12 beautiful shades that match up to 97% of skin tones from Rich Sand to True Ebony.

Makeup_2_NaturallyACT.comReview: Smooth and Soft!! I really like this foundation, the liquid went on so smoothly. Although this shade was not a good match for me, it was just a little too dark…If I happened to get a tan this summer it will probably work well. Overall, the foundation left my skin looking flawless! I’ll be sure to get the correct shade next time


Note: Prices may vary. I’m really looking forward to trying more products of the Cover Girl Queen collection.

voxbox-blogimage-popup2**I tested and received these COVERGIRL products for free via Influenster, yet all opinions are my own. To find out how you can become an Influenster VoxBox and get free items visit www.influenster.com



_NaturallyACT.com Before-After_NaturallyACT.com


  • Have you used the COVERGIRL® Queen Collection before? if so how do you like them?
  • Would you like try the COVERGIRL® Queen Collection ?
  • How did you style your hair with the COVERGIRL® Queen Collection?



Why Attend Natural Hair Events!?!

Kinky Hair Connection-212“Why should I pay to attend natural hair event?”
I get this question often and I love to answer it. I believe attending natural hair events is necessary for your journey. There are many positive benefits to attending a natural hair event. Most natural hair events are designed for all naturals including; new/transitioning naturals, rookies, straight naturals, naturals who wear hair weave, product junkies, those who are thinking about giving up the harmful chemicals from relaxers, etc. The opportunities are endless and these sort of events are empowering.

  • Connections: Meet ladies who will inspire you to keep going on your journey. Attending events as a blogger/vlogger can exposed you to; collaborating opportunities, product placement on your blog, get exposure and be featured on social media accounts or other blogs, etc.
  • Discover Salon & Professionals: Although one of the major benefits to being natural is doing your own hair, it’s very important to have a good professional styles in your “favorite five”. Yes!!! Finding the right natural hair stylist you can trust can be difficult. Personally, I believed having a natural hair stylist is NECESSARY for your healthy hair journey. Doing your own hair or calling your friend who can braid is not alway the best idea. Attending natural hair events can expose you to local professional stylist and this is a great way to find someone who fits our needs.
  • Meet Your Favorite Bloggers: I love to learn. Bloggers and YouTubers are good resource; however, you may not have the opportunity to meet your favorite blogger or YouTuber without attending a Natural Hair event/show. These events can be a one-stop-shop for all of your favorite bloggers/vloggers and get the opportunity to discover new brands — It’s always great to add a name & face to a social media handle.
  • Education: The more you know and understand about your hair journey the more successful you will be when it comes to getting the results you want. “YouTube University” is not enough. Getting first hand training and knowledge from a professional and enthusiast will help you on your journey. Natural hair meet-ups, expos, and shows allow you to learn about products directly from the brands and the real people who use them. Attending a hands-on classes/seminars will expand your hair experience and not just “hope the style turns out right” especially when trying something new.
  • Inspiration: It’s not often that you can go to one place to get inspiration and encouragement for your next protective style, cut/color, and products suggestions. Natural hair events highlight new styles and products.
  • Save money: I attended an event and was able to get my Q-Redew, a nice discount, and avoid shipping. Not only can you get discounted items, FREE product are usually available as well. Many events are sponsored by up-and-coming brands and some of your favorites this is a great way to get free products. Just about every event I have attended included swag bag filled with products and coupons!



Constance Cash, founder of Team Natural hosted a fantastic event. The room was filled with bloggers, vloggers, industry professionals, and hair and fashion vendors. Not only did I have the pleasure of attending the Living No Lye Tour held in Chicago, I was also featured on Essence.comHair Street Style: Curly Hair Straight from the Windy City. I was both an attendee and a photographer. Check out some of my favorite photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This event was fantastic as I spent time mingling with Chicago’s naturalistas; the event was so informational. There were three main workshop/presentations facilitated by BlackHair101 and Sister Scientist. Both of them went in detail of hair care and biological side of how are hair grows. I learned so much about how to build a proper regimen and why certain products may or may not be working properly. MsVaughnTV taught us how to create an easy yet super natural up-do that can serve as protective or for a special occasion.



with Chary Jay YouTuber

I had so much fun at this event! It was awesome summer day and included Product & Swap Table, Pop-up Beauty Salon, Natural Hair Panel Discussion with styling tips, hair care, hair color & more. There were tons of giveaways thought-provoking Poetry and a Live DJ. I was also able to meet a few bloggers. Check out my YouTube Channel for photos and video clips.  



Smart Brown Girl_8411

with Jouelzy creator of the #SmartBrownGirl Movement

The expo featured Jenell B. Stewart, the Award Winning Editor of , and one of my favorites bloggers, Jouelzy creator of the #SmartBrownGirl Movement, just to name a few. This is where I discovered EverButter; a wonderful hair care company. I also discovered Lipstick Cult and awesome lipstick  created my two Midwest fashionistas . This event offered many workshops including Caring for Your Little Girls Kinks, Coils & Curls, What is the The #SmartBrownGirl Movement, and more. Check out my YouTube channel for my Embrace The Natural You Expo – Haul.


Kinky Hair Connection-212

ESSENCE® BeautyBox! Subscription Review

CNL _2015_-010 editBeauty boxes are my favorite!

I feel like I’m getting surprise gifts in the mail every month. Box subscriptions provide the opportunity to tryout some of the latest beauty products. The best part is discovering more about brands and new products.

What is the ESSENCE® BeautyBox?

The ESSENCE® BeautyBox is a service to help women of color discover beauty products. To honor and support the talents and entrepreneurial spirit within our community, each ESSENCE® BeautyBox will feature a product from an independent, Black-owned business.

*Photo Credit: @NaturallyACT And now to the good stuff….

The October 2015 ~ Inaugural Box 


Photo Credit: @NaturallyACT

(I call this the Birthday Box because I’m an October baby).  

101504Creme Brûlée | by Curls

As a kinky curly/natural girl, it’s alway great to get products I can use; however, this box had two items that may not for subscribers who are not natural. That being said I am VERY happy with all the items in the October box. The customization options will be great once implemented.

*Photo Credit: essencebeautybox.com


101501Coconut Shea Leave In Conditioner | by Eden Bodyworks 

I received Eden Bodyworks in a different beauty box and fell in love with how my hair come out with the product. The best part about this items is that is travel size.

*Photo Credit: essencebeautybox.com


101503Shea Butter Hand Cream |  by L’occitane  

In my opinion, you can never have enough hand creams, it’s great in harsh midwest weather. The one negative regarding this product is that it’s quite expensive; $28.00 for  5.2.oz,  and $12.00 1 oz.

*Photo Credit: essencebeautybox.com


101502Eternity Now |  by Calvin Klein 

Such a great citrus scent! The fragrance was not overpowering and it last a long time.

*Photo Credit: essencebeautybox.com


101505The Brow Architect 3-in-1 |  by tarte 

I have very thick and very full eyebrows so this product was not a great fit for me; however, I think it’s a perfect fit for people who need add a little something to their eyebrows

*Photo Credit: essencebeautybox.com


Overall, I really like this box. I will be using all but one of the products, yet it still gets 5-Stars.  

The November 2015 ~ Surprise & Delight Box


Photo Credit: @NaturallyACT

prod_devacurlNo-Poo® and One Condition Decadence™ | by DevaCurl

I like that they provided the cleanser and conditioner, and not just one of the items. Overall, I’m a fan of DevaCural. I don’t use it often; however, I do like the way my hair feels after using. For now, I’ll save these items for when I travel.

*Photo Credit: essencebeautybox.com


prod_blackopalColor Splurge™ Luxe Matte Lipstick | by Black Opal 

 Nothing like a good red lip! This color looks great on me; however, I was just a little a disappointed with the size of this lipstick. Overall, I was pleased with the way it looks and feels.

*Photo Credit: essencebeautybox.com


prod_smashboxFull Exposure Mascara | by SmashBox 

I only wear mascara once maybe twice a week so it took me a while to try, yet this mascara did not disappoint. Although it clumps a little I like the fact that my eyelashes have an extra pop of awesomeness!

*Photo Credit: essencebeautybox.com


prod_suaveProfessionals Moroccan Infusion Body Lotion | by Suave 

 I’m not really a fan of Suave products. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try it or just give it away. For now it’s in my giveaway stach.

*Photo Credit: essencebeautybox.com



Hair Fragrance Mist | by Fekkai 

 At first i was like, what!!?! Fragrance for my hair? Then I realized it can be put to good use after a hot yoga class. Still haven’t tried it; however, I do think it has a nice scent.

*Photo Credit: essencebeautybox.com


Once again, I am happy with this box, I’m still on the fence about one of the products; however, I’ll still give ESSENCE® 5-Stars.

The December 2015 ~ It’s a Celebration box


Photo Credit: @NaturallyACT


Outlast Longwear Lipstick | by Covergirl |

Love! Love! Love, this color on me. I didn’t think it was going to work, but its does. It not your typical red lipstick because, it as an orange undertone with a great matte finish.

*Photo Credit: essencebeautybox.com


prod_veramooreshadowPearlized Eyeshadow | by Vera Moore
I have really been into golden/brown eyeshadows lately, and this color did not disappoint; it’s bold yet soft.

*Photo Credit: essencebeautybox.com



Mango Body Wash | by Boots Extracts

Love the smell and it feels good on my skin. It’s perfect for traveling.  

*Photo Credit: essencebeautybox.com



Sacred Tiare Combing Crème | by Carol’s Daughter 

I have to admit, I am skeptical about trying this product. The last time I tried a Carol’s Daughter hair product, my hair felt extra-dry and brittle afterwards. I’ll most likely use it ask a giveaway at an event.

*Photo Credit: essencebeautybox.com



Biotin and Collagen Conditioner | by OGX 

I’m on the fence about using this. I feel like it’s a better fit for heat styled naturals, or non-naturals.

*Photo Credit: essencebeautybox.com



Bones Item: Egyptian Magic Cream | by Egyptian Magic 

 Best bones item ever. This product is, ‘everything’, it’s not greasy and feels great on my skin.

*Photo Credit: essencebeautybox.com

I was going to give this box 3 stars; however, the Egyptian Magic Cream makes this ESSENCE® box 5-Stars.  

Subscription box include:

  • IMG_3746

    Photo Credit: @NaturallyACT

    Sample or trial sizes of 5 hair and beauty products.

  • Contents of each month’s box are revealed near the beginning of the month, at approximately the same time that the boxes are being prepared for shipment.
  • Customizeable box are not available currently; however, customization may become available in the future.
  • Approximate box dimensions are 7″x5″x2″.
  • ESSENCE® magazine subscription are completely separate from the ESSENCE® BeautyBox. Thus no need to have a magazine subscriptions.

You can check out more info by visitng: Essencebeautybox.com


  • Do you subscribe to any beauty boxes?
  • What are your favorite subscription box companies?
  • Have you used any of the products mentioned? If so how do you like them?
  • Which product would you like to try?

Until Next Time 😀

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CurlBox Body Review


If you don’t already know how I feel about this curlBOX movement, Then I don’t know where you have been LOL 😀

I am such a fan of the curlbox line created my  Myleik Teele.  I have been inspired by Myleik’s raw uncut, tell it like she see it personality, her drive, business sense, passion, companies, book recommendations and podcast are top-notch.  

When I learned that curlBOX was releasing a body vision non-subscription to the original curlBOX monthly subscription of hair products I was soooo excited. The first two boxes didn’t disappoint (well almost)! curlBOX body volume I  included Carol’s Daughter Almond Cookie line not bad I just didn’t enjoy the sent, however it made a great gift.  Below you will find a list of curlBOX body volume I  through volume III


curlBOX body volume I  had six full-size items that included (not all pictured): 

  • Carol’s Daughter Almond Cookie Sulfate-Free Cleansing Gel
  • Carol’s Daughter Almond Cookie Dry Oil Body Spray
  • Carol’s Daughter Almond Cookie Shea Souffle
  • OGX Miracle In-Shower Oil
  • Secret Clinical Strength Clear Gel
  • Harlem Soap (Patchouli & Lavender) * MY FAVORITE ITEM in this box.  



curlBOX Body Volume II included five full-sized items and a duel sample pack.

  • Olay Moisture Outlast Ultra Moisture Bar
  • Shea Moisture Superfruit Complex Hand & Body Scrub
    • w/ Body Wash & Lotion sample
  • Palmer’s Eventone Sun Care Collection: 
    • Moisturizing Sunscreen for Face
    • Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion
    • Moisturizing Sunscreen Balm 


There are so many benefits to box subscriptions like curlBox Body. These boxes allow the opportunity to try a variety of beauty products at a great cost. *CurlBox body  is NOT a monthly  subscription box  as of yet

……  AND now this is the third installment of curlBOX body: 


curlBOX BodyVolume III November 2015:  Site description: 

Dropping temperatures mean more layers, ESPECIALLY for your skin. Lucky for you, volume III of curlBOX Body is stocked with everything you need to keep skin smooth, supple, and infuse with MAX moisture all winter long. This is NOT a subscription box (YET).

I couldn’t agree more the dry harsh midwest weather requires lots of moisture. Ever since I received the Harlem Soap (Patchouli & Lavender) in the first curlBOX body, I have been enjoying using natural soap bars in place of body wash. I was really looking forward to trying the two soap bars that came in volume III.



Jolie Bloom Royal Oats Shower Bar  ($10.00) has real oats in it and I just love that,  however the scent was a little overwhelming.  After visiting Jolie Bloom site I decided to get the WAKE UP: Coffee And Cane Sugar Scrub, Ill let you know what I think on a later blog.  





TGIN Natural Soap Olive Oil with Shea Butter + Olive Oil (Sugar Pear) $4.99  is a winner for me.  The soap feels great on my skin and the smell is just right. I have been looking forward to trying some TGIN products for a while and was super excited to see the soap in my box.  





I have not used the Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream ($26.00 for 2-oz jar). I  yet I have heard mostly good things. I’ll be sure to keep you posted!





I am pleasantly pleased with Cantu Softening Body Butter ($9.99), I must admit I’m not a big fan of the Cantu hair-line however the body butter is great, I  really like the texture and soft sent.





The Shea Yeleen Shea Butter Cream – Vanilla Almond ($14.25) feels good on my skin however the sample was not enough ill have to purchase a full size to give it a real review.





I’m not a fan of OGX Nourishing Coconut Oil Weightless Oil Body Mist ($6.99 ) I don’t have anything bad to say its just not a product I liked using. I prefer to used a mix of Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E and Essential Oils. That being said I really like Bolden Shea Oil I found the mint sent to help give me a boosts energy.




The Bolden Shea Oil – Butter Mint ($29.50) this oil is amazing the small is a great pick me up in the mornings.




Hope you enjoyed this review, overall I have been pleased with my curlBOX body products. I enjoy being exposed to companies/products I never head of. The best part is being able to try out some items on my list. See below for more information on the products mentioned:

All opinions regarding these products are my own. All products mentioned in this blog post were purchased as part of a non-monthly subscription in which I purchased. This is not a paid nor sponsored post. For additional information on how to get curlBOX visit: http://www.curlbox.com

  • Have you used any of the products mentioned? If so how do you like them?
  • Which product would you like to try?
  • What are your favorite subscription box companies?

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~Naturally ACT (Aleka)




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