The Natural Hair workshop was AMAZING and very informative!!! I learned quite a bit, but one of the biggest things I learned is that going natural is very doable. Prior to going to the workshop, the idea of going natural was intimidating (it still is…but not nearly as much). I think this class is needed because it provides a lot of good information. It’s one thing to look up how to go natural online and search for tips that way…but it’s so much better to get the information and tips from someone who’s done it and knows whether or not things work, first hand. I’m adopted, and this information would’ve been extremely helpful to have when my adoptive parents were raising me. One reason is because it would’ve prevented the years of damage that has been done to my hair. African American hair is not easy to maintain…so having an understanding of the care it requires is important (whether you’re a parent that wants to learn how to take care of your child’s hair or if you want to learn how to take care of your own hair). I’m definitely going to Aleka’s other workshops…and I highly recommend that anyone else looking to go natural go as well!!!