Wrapped By A.C.T. Official Launch

Super excited to announce the official launch of #WrappedByACT.

Learn how to style your new head-wrap for every day of the week and shop the NEW #WrappedByACT Collection. Enjoy Music, light bites, and giveaways! Also featuring how to get the right twist-out with Kayon Crosby of Nourish Your Curls Boutique.

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Wrapped by A.C.T. is the expression of Naturally A.C.T. through fabrics and headdresses. The head-wrap line empowers those who choose to adorn themselves with a sense of pride and provides an outlet for creativity. With a limited edition approach, each head-wrap will be released in no more than 15 of design in stock. A unique option you’ll find is the satin lining to protect the hair from friction. Accommodations have been made for long and short haired folks by providing 3 length options to include children as well. Wrapped by A.C.T., cloth crowns for King’s and queens

Textures & Tea II | 08.04.18

Textures & Tea II will be held on Saturday, August 4 this event is all about bringing together like-minded people for a candid conversation about Hair & Beauty.

Join Kayon Crosby of Nourish Your Curls Boutique, Melissa Albury of Shead and your host Aleka C. Thrash of NaturallyACTfor a fun-filled afternoon of candid conversations about hair, beauty all over a light meal.

What to expect?

  • Great Conversations (Real Talk)
  • Giveaways (Win products)
  • Shopping (Buy products)
  • Exchange products (*Bring those new or lightly used products and swap with other naturalistas.)

Who should attend?

  • Natural
  • Relaxed
  • Transitioning
  • *Everyone is welcome.

Located at Nourish Your Curls Boutique a locally only beauty store. Be sure to LIKE > Nourish Your Curls BoutiqueShead, and Naturally ACTon Facebook

Please Note: By entering the event, you agree that Naturally ACTACTPhotoMedia and affiliates will videotape and photograph you including your voice, conversation, and sounds. You also agree that your photo or a likeness of you may be used for promotional purposes without compensation to you.


Naturally ACT Community


Lots has been happening in the Naturally ACT world!! I have been working on a few projects that I really hope you will love, more info coming soon! 

I’m really excited about creating a new way for us to connect. I’ve gotten several requests asking how you all can connect with each other beyond attending NaturallyACT events. As a result Naturally ACT Community was created, a Facebook group page that will allow you to share your experience. This group is designed as a place of encouragement and inspiration so feel free to share tips related to hair care and healthy lifestyle options.

NaturallyACT Group Photos

Click here to join the Naturally ACT Community group page on Facebook feel free to invite friends.

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Why Attend Natural Hair Events!?!

Kinky Hair Connection-212“Why should I pay to attend natural hair event?”
I get this question often and I love to answer it. I believe attending natural hair events is necessary for your journey. There are many positive benefits to attending a natural hair event. Most natural hair events are designed for all naturals including; new/transitioning naturals, rookies, straight naturals, naturals who wear hair weave, product junkies, those who are thinking about giving up the harmful chemicals from relaxers, etc. The opportunities are endless and these sort of events are empowering.

  • Connections: Meet ladies who will inspire you to keep going on your journey. Attending events as a blogger/vlogger can exposed you to; collaborating opportunities, product placement on your blog, get exposure and be featured on social media accounts or other blogs, etc.
  • Discover Salon & Professionals: Although one of the major benefits to being natural is doing your own hair, it’s very important to have a good professional styles in your “favorite five”. Yes!!! Finding the right natural hair stylist you can trust can be difficult. Personally, I believed having a natural hair stylist is NECESSARY for your healthy hair journey. Doing your own hair or calling your friend who can braid is not alway the best idea. Attending natural hair events can expose you to local professional stylist and this is a great way to find someone who fits our needs.
  • Meet Your Favorite Bloggers: I love to learn. Bloggers and YouTubers are good resource; however, you may not have the opportunity to meet your favorite blogger or YouTuber without attending a Natural Hair event/show. These events can be a one-stop-shop for all of your favorite bloggers/vloggers and get the opportunity to discover new brands — It’s always great to add a name & face to a social media handle.
  • Education: The more you know and understand about your hair journey the more successful you will be when it comes to getting the results you want. “YouTube University” is not enough. Getting first hand training and knowledge from a professional and enthusiast will help you on your journey. Natural hair meet-ups, expos, and shows allow you to learn about products directly from the brands and the real people who use them. Attending a hands-on classes/seminars will expand your hair experience and not just “hope the style turns out right” especially when trying something new.
  • Inspiration: It’s not often that you can go to one place to get inspiration and encouragement for your next protective style, cut/color, and products suggestions. Natural hair events highlight new styles and products.
  • Save money: I attended an event and was able to get my Q-Redew, a nice discount, and avoid shipping. Not only can you get discounted items, FREE product are usually available as well. Many events are sponsored by up-and-coming brands and some of your favorites this is a great way to get free products. Just about every event I have attended included swag bag filled with products and coupons!



Constance Cash, founder of Team Natural hosted a fantastic event. The room was filled with bloggers, vloggers, industry professionals, and hair and fashion vendors. Not only did I have the pleasure of attending the Living No Lye Tour held in Chicago, I was also featured on Essence.comHair Street Style: Curly Hair Straight from the Windy City. I was both an attendee and a photographer. Check out some of my favorite photos.

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This event was fantastic as I spent time mingling with Chicago’s naturalistas; the event was so informational. There were three main workshop/presentations facilitated by BlackHair101 and Sister Scientist. Both of them went in detail of hair care and biological side of how are hair grows. I learned so much about how to build a proper regimen and why certain products may or may not be working properly. MsVaughnTV taught us how to create an easy yet super natural up-do that can serve as protective or for a special occasion.



with Chary Jay YouTuber

I had so much fun at this event! It was awesome summer day and included Product & Swap Table, Pop-up Beauty Salon, Natural Hair Panel Discussion with styling tips, hair care, hair color & more. There were tons of giveaways thought-provoking Poetry and a Live DJ. I was also able to meet a few bloggers. Check out my YouTube Channel for photos and video clips.  



Smart Brown Girl_8411

with Jouelzy creator of the #SmartBrownGirl Movement

The expo featured Jenell B. Stewart, the Award Winning Editor of , and one of my favorites bloggers, Jouelzy creator of the #SmartBrownGirl Movement, just to name a few. This is where I discovered EverButter; a wonderful hair care company. I also discovered Lipstick Cult and awesome lipstick  created my two Midwest fashionistas . This event offered many workshops including Caring for Your Little Girls Kinks, Coils & Curls, What is the The #SmartBrownGirl Movement, and more. Check out my YouTube channel for my Embrace The Natural You Expo – Haul.


Kinky Hair Connection-212

SAVE THE DATE How To Interactive Workshop March 19th

NaturallyACT Save The Date_5x7_

Naturally ACT focus on enabling and empowering women of all hair textures to embrace and love their natural hair thought interactive workshops and hands-on classes. 

This “How To” workshop is schedule for March 19, 2016. Attendees will have the opportunity to test products from various brands while learn styling techniques such as Twist Out, quick up-dos and protective styling tips. 

This workshop was created to help naturals understand their hair and learn ways to rock their curls, kinky and coils with confidants.

Tickets available at NaturallyACTHowTo.Eventbrite.com  | Click here to join my mailing list

Natural Hair Transitioning Tips

My journey…

I transitioned form relaxed to natural in 2006, and was blessed to have an amazing stylist help me. I knew I no longer wanted a relaxer yet I had no idea what to do. At the time YouTube had just started and honestly I don’t even remember if I knew it existed. Choosing not to do the big chop was the best option for me, it allowed me try many styles. It took me about 15 months to fully transition with out doing the big chop.

What I did while transiting…

Minimize Direct Heat

This is includes Flat Irons, Blow Dryers, etc. (If you do blow-dry use cool settings only). This may seem like a hard task, however I believe transitioning using ‘no heat’ policy was the reason my hair stayed so healthy. Yes! I did experience some breakage as to be expected, yet flat ironing and blow-drying would have made the problem worse. The only exception to this rule was indirect heat while using a hooded dryer for deep conditioning, I still use heat when deep conditioning.

 Trim Your Hair Regularly

While transitioning I trimmed my hair at least once every 4 to 6 weeks month. My ends are prone to splitting due to my hair being so damaged from the relaxer. Sometimes my stylist would cut less than a quarter of an inch.  I have found that my hair become healthier as I transitioned.


Preshampoo or Pre-pooing is the process of moisturizing your hair before you shampoo. Doing this will help strengthens your hair and prevent breakage. I like to pre-poo using and inexpensive rinse-out conditioner with a mix of olive & jojoba oil.  Conditioner helps strengthen the hair, and helps tangles before cleansing your hair with shampoo.

Shampoo in Sections

It became difficult to detangling my hair because the new growth and relaxed hair was so different. Thus shampooing in sections although was time consuming process, I found that it saved me a lot of ripping and breakage. I really started seeing major growth during my 4th month of the transitioning.

Deep Condition Weekly (or every two weeks)

Deep conditioning will help keep your relaxed hair and new growth healthy as you transition.  Deep conditioning helps me retain moisture especially during those winter months when the weather is dry.I like to start distributing product from root to end.  It was easy to our ends when applying product because I was so focused on the new growth (don’t do that). I put a generous amount of product on my hair after shampooing and placed a plastic cap and a hooded dryer.

Things to remember:

  • Some breakage is inevitable, so keeping your hair trimmed help it from look ragged at the ends.
  • During the transitioning process your ends or relaxed hair will become weaker and brittle.
  • Use NO SULFATE shampoos sulfates are known to dry out.
  • Try one of these transitioning hair kits